People’s History Archive

The Birmingham People’s History Archive was founded in 2021 as a publicly accessible resource on the history of working people in Birmingham and immediately surrounding areas.

It currently comprises 60 linear metres of materials including pamphlets, manuscript material, archives, journals, photographs sound materials and ephemera. The collections are housed in the upper floor of the Moseley Road Workers Party Club, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. The collection has been built up by individuals over twenty years and further materials not yet deposited in the Archive will be incorporated into the collections subject to space and accommodation requirements.

Black Voice monthly paper
Black Voice - the monthly paper of the Black Unity & Freedom Party

The BPHA aims to promote the education of the public in relation to the history of working-class movements in the West Midlands by providing access to its research collections and organising events, exhibitions and other public outreach activities.

There are already major collections of working-class history in cities like London, Manchester, Salford, Hull and Glasgow. Birmingham is one of Britain’s great centres of industry and has a rich and distinctive working-class history deeply marked by migration into the city, particularly in the post-1945 period. In the belief that Birmingham requires its own resource for such activities, the BPHA seeks to meet this challenge while complementing the work of other institutions nationally.

Core collections of the BPHA include:

The BPHA actively collects the following types of material that build upon these holdings:

Black Struggle journal
Black Struggle - a journal against racism & capitalism